July 14, 2017

Have you experienced stereotyping in the workplace? Are you a blonde that isn't taken seriously or a brunette treated like a bossy nerd, OR can you blow this stereotype out of the water? Let us know your personal experience, and we will go into the market and do some r...

June 22, 2017

‘Balance’ is a dirty word. I can honestly say, once I had my little babes, that word went down the toilet along with solo toilet breaks, hot dinners and my regular manicures. Balance to me is unattainable, so I am all about the ‘juggle’. 

I know exactly what is importan...

April 28, 2017

Welcome to the fourth and final blog in our DISC series! And luckily for you we get to talk about the ever so dull and unexciting C profile!

So for all you C’s out there reading this I will make sure I use big words and minimise my errors so not to infuriate you, and I...

Now, I am going to approach this in a soft, kind and easy going manner. No surprises, no rocking the boat and certainly no name calling because if I do, the S profiles reading this will fall into an emotional coma and take the next 12 months to overcome it. As a result...

April 11, 2017

I would introduce you to the 'I' profile, but they would have introduced themselves already!

Look at me, Look at me!!! Yes you have met them, they are not shy in announcing themselves and telling you how good they are, their latest achievement and how much their new car...

March 15, 2017

I am not referencing d**ks specifically, although some could align the two!

I am talking about the direct, dominant, aggressive character in your office that stands out like a sore thumb. And for those who are familiar with behavioural profiling, or specifically DISC, t...

March 14, 2017

Gone are the days where you can simply wear a pair of black pants, a white business shirt and have your hair pulled back in a tight pony. This was a simpler time, when having your brows on point wasn't even a thing, teeth whitening was only accessed by Hollywood actors...

December 2, 2016

HR has been in the spotlight of late with a lot of discussion on how to innovate or disrupt the HR space to improve performance. All I can say is, the ideas are so beyond lackluster it’s nearly embarrassing to be in the industry.

(Read the following with excessive sar...

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