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How to satisfy the perfect candidate when competing with the 'bigger' guy...

Sorry SME’s, but unfortunately it is time to face up to the fact that you simply are not as attractive, wealthy or as well-endowed as the big shiny corporates that you’re competing against! Not to be nasty, but the really hot candidates are overlooking you because they are getting wooed by the flashy corporate equivalent of prince charming with a really big…..hmmmm pay package!

But don’t fear... it doesn’t mean you have to settle (no one wants to settle) for the less than desirable candidate, that is looking to drop you for next bigger and better business who looks banging in a speedo anyway! It just means it’s time to get romantic and a little bit creative!!!

What if I told you that you can compete with the Adonis’s of the business world and make the hot candidate fall in love with you, so much so that they never ever look at another business again. Don’t be fooled though, there are still some shallow gold diggers out there who are only interested in money! You don’t want those, you want the real deal, the candidate that will love you for who you are and stick around year after financial year.

So here is my first brilliant idea……

5 weeks annual leave! (Boom mic drop) .... Beef cake Brad won't offer them that; he is too busy checking his bottom line and speedo to think of such a cool idea! And now you have their attention and they are a little turned on, so……..

Why it will work?

It’s a point of difference that sets you apart from the other Sugar Daddies. Different is good!

Think about the cost of 1 weeks’ annual leave compared with offering another $10k (or more) just to get in the dating game. You don’t want a pissing contest, you will lose!

You come across as an employer that cares about work life balance. Awwww you're soooo thoughtful!

More time off equals a more relaxed and happy employee. And you’ll get more action from a relaxed and happy employee ;)

Why will the hot candidates like it?

Time is a valuable commodity and it is simply something that Beef Cake Brad won’t think to do.

It will appeal to the family orientated candidates that want more time with the kids during school holidays, and the millennial’s that want a career and to travel the world without sacrificing one for the other!

Its feels like you care! You have thought outside the box and you’re not just offering the bare minimum…and that’s cool.

No one will hate this idea, who doesn’t want more holidays???

Pep talk time:

So think outside the square (Be Better Than The Gap!)

You have far more to offer than Beef Cake Brad down the road, you are braver, way more clever and you know that size doesn’t matter so STOP comparing. Run your own race and you will win the candidate of your dreams.

This is one of many exciting ideas that we will bring you over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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