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The juggle is real!

Balance is a dirty word. I can honestly say, once I had my little babes, that word went down the toilet along with solo toilet breaks, hot dinners and my regular manicures. Balance to me is unattainable, so I am all about the ‘juggle’.

I know exactly what is important in my life. My kids, my husband, my business, family and friends. But knowing doesn’t make it easier. At any one time, one of those things requires 100% of my time and energy, and the others are scrambling for any leftover crumbs. If I spread out my time, nothing is a success. So, I juggle. But I don’t always get it right. “INSERT MOTHER GUILT “INSERT BUSINESS FAILURES” “INSERT MARITAL PROBLEMS” and so on.

But, I want it all. I LOVE working, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family, I have the greatest friends in the world, and I want to live a full life. So, I have learnt to juggle, as I am sure many of you have. And you would know, like every juggling act, you get tired, you drop the ball and sometimes it all falls apart.

I feel like as women and as mothers we are always looking for the answer to this conundrum. When will we ever feel like it’s under control? Will we achieve seamless perfection, a worry-less world so amazing it doesn’t require an Instagram filter? And honestly, this quest is as viable as the fountain of youth!

We need to give ourselves a break, and embrace the juggle. Getting it right isn’t what we should strive for. Having a life so full that we must juggle is the achievement! And this guilt business – I am working vigorously on a cure. Now don’t get me wrong, completely easier said than done, there are days where I am in the fetal position on the bathroom floor cursing my uterus, my bank account and my husband, but if someone came to me tomorrow and said they could take it all away and I could live quietly on an island with no worries, I would run in the other direction (after a good 5 minutes of day dreaming of course).

We are each a one-woman band trying to make a song, when we should just embrace the noise. The juggle is fulfilling, and you’ll never appreciate the lows without the highs. So give yourselves a break ladies – we are all playing the same game.

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