Calling bull$h!t on 'disruptive' HR!

December 2, 2016


HR has been in the spotlight of late with a lot of discussion on how to innovate or disrupt the HR space to improve performance. All I can say is, the ideas are so beyond lackluster it’s nearly embarrassing to be in the industry.

(Read the following with excessive sarcastic undertone for full effect) Putting colourful images on PD’s and using ‘fun’ language… whoa there matey, don’t go too crazy! A team building day each year – oh my, I’m speechless. Not to mention the introduction of performance reviews more than once annually – I can barely contain myself! If this is ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ of HR, then I am done!

I am in no way saying the above doesn’t have value, but this is a far cry from innovation and is merely an adaptation of the most basic of HR practices. So I am officially calling bullsh!t on the HR disruption movement. It is laughable and none of the above will create drastic change. Let’s break this down. HR is Human Resources. Human Resources are your people. What makes people better? I don’t hear anyone shouting at me ‘New policies with pink borders, or a position description with a graph included’. What I do hear is ‘motivation, inspiration, challenge, engagement’. 

So let’s throw away the term disrupt, it’s not good enough. Innovate, overdone! What we need is a Guerrilla style liberation of business and our approach to people by challenging the traditional standards of practice. Now this is not about throwing crazy, unrealistic, untried and untested tactics around. This is about looking beyond our nation at the world’s economic ideologies and how they impact on the success. 

The incredible and inspiring Michael Moore, famous for the documentaries ‘Bowling for Columbine’ and ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, has traveled the world to look at how other countries view work, education, health care, equality and other issues. His research has shed light on some of the most interesting workforce practices that deliver real business results through people. 

We were immediately engaged by some of the incredibly simplistic and easy methods adopted by these businesses and countries and the results. This has spawned our own movement to translate these practices and others into viable and practical strategies for businesses here at home. It has also taking us on our own adventure to expand on this research and find more exciting and creative ways for our workforce to embrace and really challenge the traditional formats that have dictated the stagnant way in which we run our businesses. 

As the nation of small businesses, the critical backbone of our economy, not only do we have the capability to do this, but the obligation to liberate and elevate our business culture. This is about shutting down the shallow discussion around HR and change, and actually pioneering it.  We are about to begin a series, ‘Liberating HR’, that will force you to challenge traditional concepts and give you the opportunity to advance your business through your people. 

Stay tuned folks!

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