What is your corporate fashion style?

March 14, 2017

Gone are the days where you can simply wear a pair of black pants, a white business shirt and have your hair pulled back in a tight pony. This was a simpler time, when having your brows on point wasn't even a thing, teeth whitening was only accessed by Hollywood actors and getting a manicure was for a special event. Are you feeling me ladies?


Now, corporate fashion is its own industry, and I am constantly chasing my tail trawling through my wardrobe, trying to find something I haven't worn in the last month! I am always second guessing myself, and all it takes is a single Instagram selfie from an influential celebrity and I rethink my entire look!


Given this is a bugbear of mine, I can't help but look at people walking through the CBD during their rushed lunch breaks and assess their fashion choices. I have since categorised the most common corporate fashion themes of 2017. I have worked out that my 'style' is corporate sassy, but there are a few out there to choose from! So, in which category do you fall?


Geek Chic


This is where the cardigan has made a comeback in the best way. Instead of the drab brown over-sized cardigan, this is now the preppy royal blue mixed with a crisp white business shirt and either a great skirt, or for the lads, a nice pair of chinos. This has a large following. It gives that expert feel, but has an edge that makes you look twice. A winner on all fronts!




The Sassy Corporate


In my opinion, this is the biggest change in corporate fashion to date. All of the sudden, you can pair a business jacket with a pair of high waisted shorts and stroll into the office commanding attention. This was a big no no in Sarina Russo's job applicant training in the 90s, but is now becoming more and more common. In a less confronting example, this is a cupcake skirt coupled with a blouse or a crazy pair of geometric patterned pants and a Balmain style jacket. This is where runway fashion has collided with corporate attire and made a baby!




Business Boho


Think Country Club, or a Stamford high tea! Those 3/4 sleeve print dresses cinched in at the waste. Previously referred to as a quite mummsy style due to its conservative and relaxed nature, this attire is being adopted everywhere. It's not commanding the boardrooms but it is approachable, usually quite flattering and easy. It can be dressed up or down, and has a sort of glamour about it!






The Land Before Time


This is for the movement that has a stranglehold on the 90s and will not let go. The drab presentation, the lack of colour and usually styled with a lanyard makes you feel sad. It's the typical middle-management style you see in every movie ever made before 2005. I wish it had died along with CD's but unfortunately it is still alive and kicking!




Feminine Chic


This is the ultra feminine look. Each outfit is complimented with a floral print, pearl embellishment or a touch of sparkle. This is the sweet, innocent dolly style look that has flooded back into the market thanks to Leo and his gang in The Great Gatsby. If only head pieces were appropriate for the office, we would all look like the old 'girl Friday' of yesteryear. Jokes aside, this style does brighten up the day and garners a lot of compliments. 




Whatever your style, confidence and a smile is all it takes to pull it off. Even for those in the land before time!



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