How to deal with a complete D!!!

March 15, 2017


I am not referencing d**ks specifically, although some could align the two!


I am talking about the direct, dominant, aggressive character in your office that stands out like a sore thumb. And for those who are familiar with behavioural profiling, or specifically DISC, this is the D profile.


If you haven’t encountered a D in your career, well I’d be very surprised! You probably don’t have to look very far because these Dominant human beings usually take the form of a CEO, GM, Manager, Supervisor or just one of your co-workers that is constantly telling you what to do. They love to be in complete control, they have to have things their way, boss you around relentlessly and will never concede an argument.  


Well believe it or not, this is a behavioural trait that can’t be helped! And for the rest of us mere mortals with emotions and feelings if you don’t know how to deal with this D you will be crushed and left battered and bruised as they climb their way to the top! I know this sounds very dramatic but these egotistical control freaks are in offices everywhere. So apart from having extremely white veneers and an over the top power suits here are the other tell tail signs that you have an overbearing D on your hands:

  • They want to win at all costs  - So say goodbye to any great idea you’ve ever had

  • They’re ridiculously impatient – They want it now, they want it yesterday and you’re an idiot for not doing it sooner!

  • They dislike tears and emotions and are generally unsympathetic – Do not bore them with your sad cat stories, that’s waving a red flag in front of a bull!

  • They are rude, tactless and often manipulate people - Forget about the general niceties, they don’t have time for that!

  •  They have little tolerance for mistakes, however, don’t analyse details themselves - From now on unfortunately everything is your fault.

  • And last but not least they will dominate the crap out of you and everyone around you!!!!

So now you’re probably imagining the worst boss you have ever had or thinking I will throw myself off a bridge if I have to work with a maniac like that. But believe it or not they are not all bad!  And if you can get past their love of humiliating you when you don’t meet their high standards, or that they point out your weaknesses and insecurities at every opportunity you will come to see they have amazing qualities too.


My business partner is a D! So I lose a lot of sleep, second guess myself constantly and feel that I mostly live in her shadows. But I also get pushed to new levels, I don’t slacken off, and I learn to double check my work. See.. if you work with a D and can handle it, it can bring out the best in you.


But D’s need to learn to tone it down too! Yes, you are amazing at getting things done, you are usually right, fearless, independent and exude confidence but that will all amount to nothing if you make your team, peers and the people that look up to you feel worthless. If you have this behavioural trait then understand you hold the power and can rule the world if you chose, but if you’re not self-aware in the workplace this will be your biggest down fall and no one will want to work with you. No one wants to live in fear!!!


So that’s why I believe that behavioural profiling in the workplace is so important. How good would it be to understand why people behave the way they do. And even better yet imagine a team that were self-aware of their behaviours and the way that impacted their colleagues. If I didn’t have an instruction manual for myself and my business partner, I’d be lost! I would think that she is just a nasty power hungry cow and she would think that I am just a purposeless emotional wreck, when in fact that’s not at all who we are, just sometimes how we behave!   


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