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April 11, 2017




I would introduce you to the 'I' profile, but they would have introduced themselves already!


Look at me, Look at me!!! Yes you have met them, they are not shy in announcing themselves and telling you how good they are, their latest achievement and how much their new car cost (It will be a lot! Your car will suck in comparison). They are the most self-absorbed, attention seeking, distracting, loud and boisterous person in the room and before you have the opportunity to tame them they will charm the pants off you and leave you empty and used.


So how do you identify this human in the workplace? Well it’s quite easy because they make themselves very visible. They gravitate towards positions where they can talk (and talk and talk and talk) be creative, and require little to no attention to detail. They love the spotlight and to be the centre of attention, and because of their short attention spans and sometimes perceived insincere manner will slot quite nicely into the role of a sales person.


So believe it or not this is not a conscious choice for the I’s to be office clown, the overbearing self-promoter or even just the best dressed person in the office. They need to stand out to feel alive and derive all they energy from these fleeting interactions of self-importance and flirtation. They must be with people and hate to be alone. I’s have to talk and tell you inappropriate jokes, they have no choice because let’s face it, the rest of us are boring!!! And they are the sparkly ones that bring colour to our otherwise dull and tedious offices. 


So let’s talk about the positives because above all else the I’s are eternal optimists. I could bang on all day about them being, forgetful, dis-organised, undisciplined and their irritating inability to listen to others without interrupting……but I won’t. Instead let’s talk about what they do well:

They’re piss funny! You have to bring this person along to client meetings!! Yes they might accidentally offend with an inappropriate joke but 99% of the time they will win the business because they know how to get people to fall in love with them and humour is their weapon of choice. 


Enthusiastic & Expressive. They will motivate the crap out of your team!!! They love change so they are on board with any new and exciting often outrageous idea you have. You will never get push back from the I style, their all in!


Love love love people!!! They are all about team. They need to be liked and will do whatever it takes to win people over and that’s mostly a good thing.  They don’t hold grudges, they are get over things quickly. And let’s face it they are far too distracted by your new shinny shoes to worry about what happened 10 minutes ago.


Last but not least they are creative and colourful. They have all the good idea’s even though the D styles steal them. They are out of the box thinkers and never stop thinking of ways to improve the world around them.


So by now you have probably identified the I’s in your office! They are the glue that brings you team together and with their storytelling ability will make you laugh and make you cry! I am 50% I style and even though I can’t spell I have some cracking ideas and jokes to go with it. But I am also critically aware of the things that don’t come naturally to me, and as boring as they are I work on them every day.


I styles find it the hardest to adapt their behaviours mostly because we hate rules, policies and procedures and really just don’t see the point because it’s not fun. If everyone just understood this about the I’s the world would be a far better place.


So after reading this very entertaining and informative blog I know there is one last question you have……am I the best dressed person in the office???? And yessss of course I am! And the funniest. And my car is the nicest.




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