‘S’ Stands for Sorry, Sad and Super-Emotional - welcome to the 'S' Profile


Now, I am going to approach this in a soft, kind and easy going manner. No surprises, no rocking the boat and certainly no name calling because if I do, the S profiles reading this will fall into an emotional coma and take the next 12 months to overcome it. As a result, the grudge they hold against me will become so immense that by the time they approach me about it (which will take forever), it will be as if I ran over their cat, on purpose.


Between the time they spend exclusively listening to your every word, showering you with emotional support and googling cat memes, these can be your most productive staff. Loyalty is an intrinsic behaviour of an S profile, and they are the internal team cheerleaders focused on creating a harmonious working environment for all. Conflict – hell no. Dominant? As a lamp. Change? They are running for the hills. In fact, if you change something, I hope you are prepared for the backlash. Any hint of instability and you will have a river of tears and fear riddled conversations that will make you believe that your new procedure has killed their cat. (Stereo-typically cat people).


But in all seriousness, the S profile in your business is probably the most sought after:

  • Their predictable nature makes them easier to manage

  • Their team orientation gives you a sense of comfort knowing they are always looking out for everyone’s best interests

  • They possess the power of concentration and can work steadily towards tasks, and;

  • Their desire to please almost everybody means their hand is always up for extra homework.  Winning!


On top of that, if you are having a bad day, you need to seek out the S in the office. Man are they a boost! Not only will they completely devote themselves to your emotional turmoil, but they dedicate themselves to solving it. However, don’t take advantage of these caring and considerate creatures, that's just mean. They keep the ship steady, they are the constant back seat driver ensuring goals are met, and all without the desire of public recognition.  We need to elevate these wonderful beings and ensure that their spirits are high and they are happy. We need them!


And if you are an S, remember that you are just as important as those you put ahead of yourself, so stand up. You are the most humble and modest of all profiles, and almost always hiding in the shadows of the dominant profiles. Strip off that brown cardigan and let the sunshine touch your shoulders, a little attention every now and then won’t be the death of you, or your cat.


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