How to deal with a complete C!

April 28, 2017


Welcome to the fourth and final blog in our DISC series! And luckily for you we get to talk about the ever so dull and unexciting C profile!


So for all you C’s out there reading this I will make sure I use big words and minimise my errors so not to infuriate you, and I know you fear criticism so I will try and be way less harsh.


So the square root of 1000 is 31.6227766017. Who cares? The C’s do. Who doesn’t? The rest of us. And while numbers make perfect sense (because they are an exact science) what doesn’t add up for these precise creatures is how to cognise (a big word for C’s which means ‘understand’) and interact with normal humans in the workplace.


This blog will act as a guide for those of us who enjoy fun and conversation, to understand the C profile! And hopefully it doesn’t involve discussing big bang theory (insert rolling eyes).


So who is a complete C and how do we spot one??? Apart from having pocket calculators and pie graphs for lunch there are some other tell-tale signs to look out for:


  1. Love to correct your mistakes! I mean they can spot a spellllling mistake across the room.

  2. Following procedures to the T. So if they catch you taking shortcuts expect the stink eye.

  3. Specifics and logic. Do not go off on a tangent with big sweeping generalisations of grand plans that are vague and fluffy in nature. You may as well speak Swahili.

  4. Detail, detail, detail. They are so hung up on the small stuff,  they will check, double check and triple check their work and then analyse it, and then re do it because it’s not perfect….oh the pain!


And last but not least they are the agonising fun police that put those ridiculous signs in the lunch room about cleaning the microwave after use! I mean, who cleans a microwave?


Apart from being socially constipated and fashionably challenged they are the life blood of all successful businesses everywhere. So the bossy D’s, the fancy I’s and the passionate S’s would be nothing without the C’s… we would be the laughing stock, because the C’s make us look good!!! They check our work, they get shit right, and of course they dot our T’s and cross our I’s and I for one salute you!!!!

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