NY resolution 2019 …. nail that interview!!

December 9, 2018


It’s that time of year when new years resolutions start getting thrown around! So, if your new years resolution is to escape the hell hole of a job you’re in and head for greener pastures, then read my top 4 tips for nailing your next interview.



Don’t be desperate! Stop it!


Like a bad date, recruiters and employers can smell desperation and perspiration a mile away. Desperation will make you say just about anything through the interview process to impress, instead of being your authentic self. This behaviour may land you the role initially, but like a relationship you’ll eventually let your employer down and as a result feel like a failure. You’ll damage your self-esteem and likely take the next shitty role that comes your way and the cycle of short tenure begins. Don’t fear rejection! Rejection is designed to keep you from the wrong job. Remember, there’s a lid for every jar.



Be human!


What does being human mean? We all have strengths and weaknesses, embrace both. I love my failures and I’m proud of them. Why? Because they show I am self-aware. I take direction and criticism like a boss, and long term this makes me a stronger employee (and human!).  It also bonds us on a more intimate level. It’s much easier to relate to someone who is honest about their shortcomings (don’t pretend your poop don’t stink). Plus, I’d rather know up front what your true weaknesses are, that way I know what I’m dealing with. All you candidates out there telling me your weakness is being a perfectionist … please! [insert eye role here] I’m left wondering if you got sacked for theft in your last role!!!!



Sell your butt off!


Forget everything you have ever known about the interview process. It is 45 minutes to showcase your entire working career. You need to treat it like a sales pitch. Why are we asking you questions? It’s sure as hell not because I find your 6mths at Boring & Sons back in 1992 stimulating Janet! Don’t waste my time! Talk with purpose! Know your worth! What do you offer and what do you bring to the table? Leave me thinking, I can’t live without you. How do I do that you ask? Firstly, don’t rehearse the bloody interview questions! Secondly, sit in front of a mirror and ask yourself these 3 questions:


  1. What am I better at than anyone else?

  2. Why am I passionate about what I do?

  3. What skills do I possess that make me a red-hot candidate?


And remember the more honest you are about your weaknesses, the more believable you will be when it comes to pitching this. Authenticity is key! Lets face it, is there a better quality???



Stop using filler words! No really, stop it!


Like … I kinda just want you to stop adding in words … um … you know that makes you seem dumb when you’re not, I guess? Trust me, you’ll be much more interesting to listen to if you just cut that shit out. Quality not quantity. It makes you look less confident when you add in words like: um, like, kinda, you know and I guess.


When rehearsing for an interview you are much more likely to add filler words when you can’t remember your lines; don’t do it! Follow step 4 and you’ll be fine. Remember you’re talking about your favourite subject matter……you!


So, let it roll off your tongue like poetry.


In closing, a bad job is like a bad relationship! Don’t spend 2019 in a role that isn’t for you when the one could be just around the corner. Go get 'em Tiger!

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