So, you interrogate your candidates. How's that working out for you?

September 19, 2019




We hear it all the time! Managers that have adopted their interviewing techniques from watching Law & Order and Today Tonight!



You are one step away from hitting the candidate with a phone book or shining a light in their face in order to uncover the truth about why they really want to work for you, and why they left their last role. You believe that you are preventing people (who don't really have what it takes) from joining the team.


This tough, negative and confrontational style of interviewing is damaging your image and brand, and it’s not getting you results. You’re not building quality rapport with the candidate in a way to make an informed decision - you just go full North Korea and watch them sweat it out! Stop it! Your hard-hitting interviewing style might be good for your ego but it’s costing your company candidates.


In a strong economy, good to great candidates have a lot of choices and your fu@#king it up with negative and misguided questions. Your plan should be simple – position your business as an employer of choice and yourself as an effective leader not a dicktator (like what I did there) while getting the answers you need to evaluate the candidate. To execute the plan, do the following:


  • Make them feel comfortable – This is my secret weapon. The candidate feels so comfortable they talk to me like an long lost friend and give up heaps of valuable information, and information is key to making great decisions!

  • Be the leader people want to work for – if you’ve grilled the sh!t out of them and made them feel uncomfortable chances are they won’t want the role….whether you want them or not. Make sure that when they leave the interview, they can’t wait to work with you…..whether you want them or not.


  • Sell the opportunity – If they’ve had multiple offers yours, make sure yours is the one they’re gagging for! Also, word of mouth travels fast, even if they don’t get the role, they are guaranteed to be telling people about you and that’s unpaid marketing folks!


So, are you an effective interviewer by this definition? If not, then the chances are no one wants to come work for you. If you've ever prided yourself on being a "hard" interviewer, time to look in the mirror. You don’t want candidates leaving the interview thinking they performed badly or worse yet that they wouldn't want to work for you because you we’re a dick. Be better than that! You can still ask the hard questions but do it in away that won’t cause the candidate to pee a little. You’ll get more out of a candidate that feels comfortable and relaxed than one that’s in a state of fear and drowning in their own sweat and a little bit of urine.  

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